1st Appears In

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

I.D. Code



Nissan Motor Corporation




6-Speed FS6R31A manual

Default Horsepower

280 (up to 305hp elsewhere)


3.5L V6 NA (VQ35DE)

Default Color Selection

Silver, Red, Orange, Blue, Black, White

Noteable Owners

Tatsuya Shima (As Blackbird in English version of WMMT-3DX+)

350Z is a car produced by Nissan Motor Corporation which was 1st introduce in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune game.

Description Edit

Although it has large emission volume of 3.5 liters, it has simple handling, thanks to its short V6 engine. Its ground-hugging form generates stability at ultra high-speed areas.


It is often compared to Toyota Supra. It has a very high top speed and acceleration. It's handling is very poor and is hard to control. Z33 is recognized as one of the best cars if the player master its handling. Most veteran player used this car and its not suitable for beginner. To be able to master driving this car, master other car types first.

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly, its 3.5L V6 engine is taken from (and also shared with) a French executive hatchback, the Renault Vel Satis.
  • It was one of the last cars to be sold under Japan's "gentleman's agreement" on horsepower. The gentleman's agreement ended on 2004, shortly after this car's launch.
  • In the International releases of the earlier Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune series until 3DX+, this car replaced the Gemballa 3.8 RS as Tatsuya Shima's personal vehicle due to licensing issues. When Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 came out, it was replaced by a RUF CTR, making Porsche-based cars available in the International versions for the first time.