Aristo (Lexus GS 300)
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Appears In

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2

I.D. Code



Toyota Motor Corporation (Lexus)




4-speed A341E automatic (JZS161)

Default Horsepower



Toyota 2JZ-GTE, 3.0L twin-turbo inline-6.

Default Color Selection

Silver, White, Black, Bordeaux, Dark Green, Dark Blue

Notable Owners

Yumeko Sasaki (Ms. Sasaki)

Aristo is a car produced by Toyota Motor Corporation which was 1st introduced in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2.

Description Edit

This is a 4-door sporty sedan car with lots of internal space. Although its max output level falls into the range of self-imposed regulation, its large emission volume and twin turbo engine generate extreme torque. Its engine power is higher than normal sports cars. And because it is a 4-speed (automatic in real life) car, you can enjoy driving comfortably.

The car itself was removed in the U.S. version of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 along with Toyota Celsior. Ms. Sasaki's personal car in that version was replaced by the Chaser (JZX100).

Reviews Edit

The car is almost never driven in arcades. Choosing this car takes bravery as the car is not very pretty when mounted with dress up parts. It's handling and performance is below average due to it's slow acceleration. However, it exits tight corners relatively well and is good for races like Hakone. Other cars, however, can easily overpower this car in straight stretches like ones on the Wangan Expressway.

Outside Japan, this car is known as the Lexus GS.