In Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2, a Class system was introduced to show the experience of drivers in the game. Classes are awarded after certain pre-determined achievements are earned in the game. A driver's class is printed on their tuning card.

Class orderEdit

In Maximum Tune 3, the class system progresses as follows:

Class N --> Class C9 --> Class C1 --> Class B9 --> Class B1 --> Class A9 --> Class A1 --> Class S9 --> Class S1 --> Class SS9 --> Class SS1 --> Class SSSm


  • If you lose a race while your class is at least A1, you will lose a star. This is also commonly seen in cards of between S9 class and SSS class. The only exception is when the number of your stars in below 1000. (Seen in present cards.)
  • In order to increase your ranking, you must clear stories, win VS player races and seize crowns of racing courses.
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