Ishida (full name Yoshiaki Ishida) is a photographer in Wangan Midnight.
Ishida Yoshiaki


Ishida is an unsatisfied photographer who is very attracted to Devil Z, the car he heard that brought bad luck to its previous owner. To track the devil, he sits inside Reina's GT-R. However, Reina discovered that Ishida is sick and suffering from Esophagus, coughing blood out from his mouth.

Anime Edit

In the anime, he is a photographer who races on the Wangan with his Ferrari Testarossa on his own spare time. He eventually discovers the Devil Z and becomes addicted to it. Mourning that he wants to be faster than that S30Z, he contacts the famous mechanic tuner from hell, Jun Kitami and requests him to make his car faster that Z. He pays him 100,000$ for the tuning. After a week of tuning the car, Ishida goes out to the Wangan to race the Z again but this time Kitami was in his passenger seat. Some minutes later of racing on the Wangan against the Z, Ishida eventually loses control of his Testarossa when he suddenly saw a truck in front of him after the Z switched lanes and spun out. Ishida and Kitami both survive safely without any serious injuries (But in the manga he hits the truck which causes both of them to bleed on their head). After the race, Ishida is sent to the hospital only to find out that he has a cancer, known as Esophagus. He gets a operation with Tatsuya Shima as the director of the surgery and rests in the hospital for a week later. He returns to the Wangan again after his recovery and raced against the Devil Z, Blackbird and Reina Akikawa. Unfortunately after the Z hits a truck in the race and "saves" them, Ishida is never seen again for the rest of the anime, but his car reappears again and gets tested by Koichi Hiramoto in the next episode.


Voice actorsEdit

  • Junichi Suwabe (Anime)
  • Yoshihiko Hakamada (Live Action)

Trivia Edit

  • In the anime, it is stated that Ishida's tuned Ferrari Testarossa has around 600hp.
  • Ishida is never seen again after the race between him, Blackbird and Devil Z in episode 7. He mysteriously disappears from the anime.
  • The bodykit of Ishida's Testarossa is from Koenig Special which is a tuning company in Germany. The only difference between the bodykit and Ishida's car is that front bumper is changed and are different,
  • Ishida's Testarossa does not appear in the Maximum Tune games, which is probably because lack of licensing.