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Lancer Evolution III
EvoIII select.jpg

1st Appears In

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2

I.D. Code



Mitsubishi Motors




5-Speed manual

Default Horsepower



2.0 L Straight-4 turbo (Model 4G63T)

Default Color Selection

Dandelion yellow, Scotia white (RS Version), Queens silver, Monaco red, Pyrenean black

Notable owners

Kyoichi Sudo (Initial D)

Lancer Evolution III is a car produced by Mitsubishi Motors which was 1st introduce in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 game.


This is also a Homologation model belonging to Group A that was very successful in WRC. The narrow-sized body is in the 5-digit range, falls into the lightest category, and has fearsome acceleration. This car has good acceleration and is appropriate for beginners who tend to make mistakes. Because Evolution III is a rally-based machine, its top speed is slow.


The Evo 3 has a smaller width compared to other cars in the Lancer Evolution family, which makes them easy to weave through traffic. This car boasts good acceleration in 2-3 gear, along with good handling, albeit slipperier than other Evo cars. The boost is as strong as any other car in the Lancer Evolution Family. As the blocking became buffed in Wangan Midnight 4, this car will excel in VS races in any course apart from high-speed based races such as in Wangan or Yokohane line.


  • If the base colour is white, it will be an RS model EVO III. Only difference is different stock rims, slightly different trim, and the ride height is 5mm lower. After suspension tuning is the same height as a non-RS model.
  • This car has called as "weak ass 4 banger" by internet, which became a meme due to "Misfiring System(Anti Lag System)"
  • A Pyrenean black Lancer Evolution III GSR is used by Emperor member Kyoichi Sudo (Kyle in the Tokyopop version) in Initial D, complete with an Emperor sticker on its rear window, a custom muffler, and a WRC-style misfiring system.