1st Appears In

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

I.D. Code



Mazda Motor Corporation




5-Speed (Manual)

Default Horsepower



1.3L twin-rotor twin turbo (Mazda 13B-REW)

Default Color Selection

Sunburst Yellow (Bathurst R), Innocent blue mica, Vintage red, Pure white, Sunlight silver metallic, Brilliant black

Notable Owners

Masaki, Oki, Kazuo Ohta, Shinji Ogishima, "The Feeling Team Driver Wannabe A(Takahashi Keisuke From Initial D)" (Maximum Tune 4 and 5)

RX-7 FD3S is a car produced by Mazda Motor Corporation which was 1st introduced in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune.


In addition to its sophisticated FR layout, it was designed considering anteroposterior weight balance and aerodynamic effect. It is very good at turning corners quickly at both high and low speed. However, you may sometimes feel sluggishness when accelerating because of the narrow torque associated with rotary engines.


This FD in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 and onwards is notable for having one of the best performing cars when it comes to cornering, attributed to the fact that it has a 50:50 weight distribution and a lightweight rotary engine. Top speed is higher than most 6-speed cars for a 5-speeder. It's weakness is its narrow torque that responds at mid-to-high rpms. But the excellent high speed cornering performance of this car makes up for that weakness. Be sure not to hit the wall or else you will notice the unbearable lag when recovering from the hit. FD is recognized as one of the best cars in the game and it's suitable for players of all skill levels. A good car to start the story mode with.

The FD is also driven by various characters in the Wangan Midnight comics, such as Masaki, Kazuo Ohta, Yamanaka, and Shinji Ogishima.

The FD is also owned by Keisuke Takahashi in Initial D.


When choosing the Type R Bathurst R version of the FD3S, the headlights will remain closed even at night, unlike the usual Type R FD3S.

Trivia Edit

  • If factory colour is not 'Sunburst Yellow' It won’t have the Bathurst badging.