A title being upgraded

A Title is a type of rank given to players in the Wangan Midnight series of arcade games. Titles describe different achievements that players have gained throughout their racing in the game.

Changing titlesEdit

Players are allowed to have only one title at once. When a new title is possible to be gained due to the driver's achievements, the game prompts the player to choose whether to leave their current title intact or replace it with the new one they are being offered. (It can be possible to regain the titles that you replaced before!)

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 titlesEdit

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 titlesEdit

Basic TitleEdit

Wangan Beginner

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX titlesEdit

Basic TitleEdit

Wangan Beginner

Car specific

(Car name) Master, e.g Lancer Evolution X Master

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+ titlesEdit

Basic TitleEdit

Wangan Beginner

Story ModeEdit

Big Upset - Obtained by winning any chapters while your advantage is 1km or higher. (Here's the trick: Max your horsepower to 600 first then play chapter 1, you will lose Akio far, far away for good!)

I Love Hakone - Play Story 4 first instead of 1.

Power maniac

Mid-level Racer, Wangan DJ, First Black Mark, Terror! Poser Runners!, Overnight Traveler, (Number) wins quick learner, Perfect Tuning Ideals

10 Outrun ModeEdit

Time AttackEdit

(Place name) Trainee, (Place name)'s Speed Craze


Ocean Fishing Day, Ball is Friend, Let's go to America village, He and she are mode style, Under the River, Domestic Traveler, Center Road to Suwa Lake, FD Master

Ghost VersusEdit

Nice Looking, Show Off, Mow 'em down, Dress-up Machine, (Place name)'s Warrior, No Answer, The Best Looking Car, Bean Paste Konjak, Number One Mask, A Martian Arrived, The 47 Ronin

Battle ModeEdit

Legendary Emperor, Legendary Outrun Demon Master, So if you can know how to drive, New Year Style, Exploding run to (Hachioji/Kanetsudo), Bass Fishing Professional, Giants (Star), The Earth is blue, Quiet in the library, Wild Taste, Marching With A Flag, Graphic Novel Life, Split the watermelon, Born in Naniwa, Great Wall of China, Maeda Authorized

Streak Stopper Stopper (Beat a player when he/she has 5 or more PvP wins to get this)



Very Average Girl, New Year Style,  Like a gigolo, Lalabi lalabi with..., As much Korean BBQ as you can eat, R34 King, World's Greatest GTR, Jogging, Z34 King, I got your Message, Avoid Kisarazu